and AMAZON. All junk cells that create heat and make only common
para HHO. The weak form of HHO gas. Learn to make 90%+ ortho
spin state and capture non-hertzian energy into the water
and cell and create a clean gas that is 4x's to 10x's more POWERFUL!

12/15/18 update

Hydrogen Cell - As seen on FOX News TV. 8/13

Updated 10/2018 watch out for Their customers call us up to ask questions as they will not answer the phone any longer. Lifetime Warranty on a cell that heats up & erodes the electrodes, can only last a few months.
After 30 days NOT A LIFETIME you do not get your $ many back.

Don't trust TV with HHO. Who tested that car shown? Any HHO on TV will show it NOT to work. TV news owned by the bankers/oil corps, who hate water/alternative fuel as a fuel replacement. HHO companies that do not sell an EFIE or a Volo circuit with their HHO kit, that tells you most likely owned by an Oil Corp., to disrupt the HHO market, to get a bad taste in your mouth, rip you off and get you mad, make you think HHO does not work. Taking Bob's 1981 Series Cell design Patent and making a mockery of it! Well we get gains with our HHO kits, because we listen to the real HHO expert - Bob Boyce™ We pulse the DC with a PWM, to make up to deuterium levels of HHO gas called Hydroxy Gas®, you only need a little amount of this high powered gas!


AS THEY CLAIM!! only a few do.

Twice a week we get calls from people who bought a mileageshop cell, avoid them, they make false claims, lie, no money back, no research behind them, they do not have the cells on their own cars. They like MONEY, period. Patent pending in the reject department. 3,000 cell design patents before theirs. : & are being sued by their former partner : We are tired of trying to help the customers. They get angry when you ask them a question they can not answer.

Revision de la celula del higrogeno en espanol

BUYER"S BEWARE : A flag pops up when the site states :

1) BEST cell on the market, don't fall for that sales ploy. Watch out for the Mileage Gain Charts showing 50% to 100% better mileage with their small cell and EFIE. 25% is average gains for modern cars and 30% for all diesel cars and pickup trucks, the same for carb. engines. Semi diesels get 10% to 20%, some up to 24%

2) New Advanced Patent Pending, another red flag should go up. Since 1916 the patent office has received 3,500+ patents of hydrogen plate cell or tube cell designs. Pending in the reject dept. of the patent office. Out of 3,500, I doubt if there is anything new?

3) WARRANTY on the cell for life, they will trade you out another unit but will not give you your money back. Typical procedure in the industry.

4) Best Quality Stainless Plates, Erosion of the elctrodes and making red anode mud out of your electrodes has nothing to do with stainless quality, We can safely use 316Lss and 304ss with no problems, only if you have a sealed low voltage cell design with no 12v leakage! Heat is what erodes the electrodes! Heat is made by any voltage past 3 volts to 12 /14 volts. Heat will destroy a cell over time. A perfect HHO booster cell will last you 25 years+ before the ss shows signs of erosion.

5) MOST LPM's on the market!! Our Cells produce the most GAS! ( liters per minute, than anyone other cell.) Big red flag! We have found that gas quality is more important, than gas output. Most cells we have tested are less output than the manufacture tells us. Approx. rate 12 amps x 13.8 volts = 1 LPM of of Egas One should concentrate on making a more % of ortho hydrogen with a proper cell design & PWM. Yull Brown discovered 36 different properties of hydrogen & oxygen gases spilt from water. He mysteriously dies in 1998, 2 months after Stan Meyer is murdered. Nasa & DOD scientists think out side the box of physics, so this technology is hidden from the public and you most learn it on your own. University science most times disagrees with the higher quality hydrogen, also we break Faraday's law of electrolysis efficiency by about 150% to 200%. Bob was one who had to think out side the box and learned this all on his own. 35 years ago. He is still ALIVE!! God Bless him! 10/10

6) CHEAP CELLS on EBAY under $100, you might be buying someone's last failed experiment. Or some homemade design with no much research backing up the design. Chinese steel can not be trusted, test with a small magnet. You want the most efficient cell design and a cool 2 volt running cell. The US has the most trusted grade of 304ss or 316L stainless. US ISO standards are strick. Chinese & India stainless steel can be the cheaper stuff, know your merchant. A 7 plate cell is the best design for 12v to 14v.s it has the fastest electron flow of any design. Cells with multiple tapping of terminals causes bucking and not a fast free electron flow one direct with 0 resistance as possible is what you want. ( + n n n n n - ) works the best. For trucker or marine applications, use many series of 7 plates buss barred together.

7) WATER 4 GAS Jars. They work in dry climates like Arizona, due to these jars are making para hydrogen and lot of water vapor. You get no gains in Florida, where the air is moist. Adding water vapor in a dry climate you will see MPG savings. They are a 12v cell and will produce red anode mud after a short while. Ozzie Freedom the Water4gas guy, now has a 13 plate cell in his car. Six jars will work better, hooked up in series, that way you are using the 2 volt system, pulse it with a PWM, use thicker 316L ss wire and KOH not baking soda and you will have a good system. Glass is not a safe medium to use. SS or PVC tubes or acrylic tubes, would be better. PWM makes ortho hydrogen, that is 2.4x's to 4x's more powerful than para hydrogen (NASA science )

8) Titanium Cells. They are a great concept and do produce a high quality gas with little oxygen being produced, but a good % of ortho hydrogen is being made. The only drawback is that the MPG gains seem to go away after 2 weeks to 1 year. We have watched these companies come and go away. Boyce says Ti metal will passivate over time and in the areas effected by passivation no hydrogen will come off that area of the plate, lessing the surface area of the original plate size, over time. Instead of making oxygen these Ti cells produce dioxide, that will turn into white mud in trace amounts. If these cells get up 140ºf, they can stop producing gas output and that is the time the passivation starts to happen on the plate surface area. Only the owners of Ti Cell companies say they are best & superior. Avoid Don't learn the hard way. I would say, listen to someone with 30 years of lab research, not some salesmen (faux expert)

9) BEWARE of GAS SAVING SCAM CIRCUITS Take a moment to read.

Many under paid telemeters on call to take your MONEY$. They will be happy to take your ca$h.

We would love to un load all our poor cell designs that we are currently 86ing and selling to you the happy customer that wants to go green.

* 90% of all the plate cells designs on the market today are a copy of Bob Boyce's Cell design. He gave it away to the public. Your supposed to be paying him a royalty, if you market his design. He gave the design away to the public, but at the same time had a clause that stated anyone who wished to use my plans must pay me a commission fee for use of his design. Bob's cell designs are backed up by many times tested in university labs. Bob is really one of the world expert on hydroxy gas. Moray B King a book publisher/writer on the subjects of zero point energy says Bob is #1. In recent photo Bob resembles Jerry Garcia. Not many people were paying any attention to hydrogen from water & electrolysis, back in the 80's, today it is growing concern and focus on the cleanest gas available! Bob coined the term "hydroxy" anybody can use that term in business or trade. "Hydroxy Gas" describes's the gas, better than "Brown's Gas" when the gases are very similar. Bob had a car running on water on jack stands in his driveway and was arrested. No joke. Ask anyone in the industry of hydroxy gas, Brown's gas, ortho hydrogen, mono atomic hydrogen gas, deuterium gas, they have heard of his name. Beware also of people slandering Bob's name. We finally listened to what he says : and he will also tell you "beware what your buying, there is alot of junk cells out there." Also on EBAY there are many of cheap experiments cells for sale, you probably buying someone's failed experiment or over stock they want to get rid of.  Also most hydrogen cell companies 90% will lie about the LPM (liters per minute) gas output , their cells produce. We recommend reading all you can first. Bob says to concentrate on a higher quality gas, rather than LPM output. We also recommend some hydrogen cell companies below. Here to help, You must make ortho hydrogen to get gains, you should have a volo circuit on 1996 to 2010 cars & trucks to see gains.  87 to 95 use an EFIE. Not all cars get gains, but most do. Old Carb. engines get gains 100% of the time. 30% on average MPG gains. On big rig diesel trucks 10% to 24% We have been experimenting and selling hydrogen cells since 4/07. Cars in South America with their less refined gas get 40% to `100% better MPG savings with a B3 kit. Please read before buying. It has come to my attention that the Hydrogen Cell Market needs cleaning up. We want to work together to make better products. Of course we sell cells ourselves, that is our sales ploy. Only joking, we learned from the pro and we want you to know the facts first. Educating the public on hydrogen generators is more important to us.

Hydrogen Red Flag Scam List

Hydrogen Company Scam list
from Zero Fossil Fuels "a right on company"

Avoid, they will not give you your money back, they sell Titanium Cells,
that fail after a few months or a few weeks.

----------------------------- 10/2018
We are tired of getting phone calls from their customers.
The owner does not understand HHO, he only knows marketing.

Sites to avoid below : (owned by the same company) (started : 04/10, now out of business 10/18) (started : 04/2012) Same as mileageshop different decal. (started : 03/09) Same as mileageshop different decal. (started : 03/09) Same as mileageshop different decal. Same as mileageshop different decal.
Same as mileageshop different decal.
Same as mileageshop different decal.
Same as mileageshop different decal.

I heard a mileshop customer got this glue inside his engine and gooped up the o2 sensors and he had to replace his o2 sensors and cataltytic convertor. So the glue gets melted by the electolyte? The mechanic in all his years had never seen this before? Must be the glue. NO REFUNDS WITH MILEAGE SHOP, once you buy it your stuck with it, and they print this right in the instructions? WARRANTY ? just a sales ploy. Hard to get them to replace a leaking cell, that froze during the winter time. We get alot of calls from there upset customers. They do not call you back and avoid your phone number if you complain. They just want your money. Period.

MileageShop is now GlobalEnrgyDevices, the same company has many names and dealers. Very few customers get any gains! Today they ditched the black box cell design of Mr. Richardson and now copy the 1981 patented Bob Boyce™ Series Cell design. They have no clue to what "ortho hydrogen" is, how it works and why it works. Avoid these companies! We get calls from their upset customers.

Rip Off Report

We get calls from people, every week, buying these cells from the site above, that give the industry a bad rap. We have tested their cell and they do not perform like they state. 1 lpm not 3 as they claim. You can not get your money back. There is no way their cell makes 3 LPM at that small plate surface area. Maybe if they hit electronic resonance, they might, but they use direct DC, no electric pulsing, no freq.s Sure their is a warranty, they can always replace the cell with another cell. They offer no money back if dissatisfied. The owners, they do not have a hydrogen kit installed in their own cars. You have to believe in what your selling.

Another rip off Trucker Cell Company - the We used to be a dealer for them.
Their cells contain chromed plated cells that prohibit the higher quality "ortho" hydrogen to be made. Very few trucks get gains, they get gains by leaning the engines electronics, they even damaged an EPA truck by leaning the fuel. You need more % of the higher quality gas - "ortho" hydrogen. The electronics pulse a tall square wave, for a on/off shocking the molecules to a different spin state , different then para (tank) hydrogen. They were being instructed by Bob Boyce, but separated from him and did not listen to his expertise, so Bob moved on. They even went as far as sabotaging any dealers who were associated with Boyce. I happened to be one of them. The owner of is out to discredit Boyce & will do anything to dirty up his name.

Check it out this is the real Bob Boyce™ website, made by himself.

So if all these cells are junk, which ones work?
Which one works ?

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Make your own Hydrogen Booster

Recommended reading : Download pdf files of different type of "On board electrolysis cells"
in the menu on your left. Compliments of Capt. Patrick from the UK.

Download Patrick's 3 .pdf files of his clear instructions
on how to make hydrogen cells

Guess what? Jesus is Lord and he prefers a clean planet!

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Download Captain
Patrick's 3 .pdf files
of his clear instructions
on how to make
hydrogen cells
(from the hydroxy
group files section, join and download all these files, learn read.)




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