Energy Invention Suppression Cases

A 139 .pdf online book on 95 cases, by Gary V." A good informative reading of
why this technology is being suppressed. They knock out people, just like the Mafia does.

Christianity in the USA Today

The US State of affairs today is terrible. We are locked into a war for oil, disguised as war to take away the terriosts. Hey they do a good of job of feeding us bullshit, but we are way beyond all that. We out smart them a million to one! We serve LOVE, and we sing a song of "Soldier's Joy" We are happy because we have hearts and enjoy the simple things in the life, the greedy rich people can't begin to understand our peace of mind. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, baby! Voting does no good to change things when vote fraud is happening. Instead make a website and tell everyone about Jesus is really about!. Some of US still seeks a heart of love and that love rules and reigns in my book. I'm talking about real folk, folk who used to believe in a sovereign nation. One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. Sounds real good, but not the case any more. We went over to the Mid East to stir up a hornet's nest of hatred towards us the Good Ole USA. Now we are the ass holes of the world, taking out entire nations looking for some mysterious bad guys. Mean Terrorists.

I have talked with many Christians, who think GW Bush is doing a great job, or the best that he can running this nation. He is kicking ass on them terrorists. If like we are at a boxing match or football game. I always want to cheer on the winning side. Kick those guys asses!! Raw raw!Every believer wants a Godly man in the White House, because this is heartland USA. All our great leaders of the past were devote Christian men. We really need FREEDOM away from religion, for Church & State.

Now you know the devil goes to Church too? Now you might meet alot of friendly people at church, all walks of life go and fellowship and sing to the Lord of Hosts, but the devil attends too. He may sit in the front seat or way in the back, not to be noticed. You don't even know who who is. You don't want to know. But something's up, something don't feel right. You can't even trust the people who go to church. Remember the Bible says, in the end times, even the elect of God shall be deceived.

It is a shame we don't love our President, or respect his hard work and care for His people. All we got was a fool. A once saved man turned bad. He bowed down to serve the evil elite, he choose not to help his fellow man, and the weeds grew up and choked the gospel of his heart. He cares more about pleasing his friends who are greedy for more money. He spends ALL we have on an endless war so that our solider's can protect the Haliburton Oil Rig employees where they secretly pump with out a meter daily. He says he is fighting terror, we are the ones bringing terror onto a people who don't want us there in the first place. 82% of the Iraqis want US gone, 40% would like to bomb theUS! Some are even killing themselves with strapped on bombs, really sick situation if you ask me. We need to pull out today. We need our military over here protecting the US soil, not aboard, sticking ut noses in some other country. We are there for OIL. You don't bomb people and expect them to be happy campers. Accept our system or else?

Some bank robbers came and stole one billion dollars in gold & silver bricks under WTC, Building #4 on 9/11. Supposedly two lousy pilots with box cutters, fly 2 planes into the Twin Towers on 9/11. While Tower one was burning down, President Bush was in a school classroom reading a goat book. He sat there for 20 minutes and did, , , nothing , but bit his lip and looked nervous. He knew just went down as planned. Meanwhile Cheney is no where to be found, NORAD did not do nothing for 20 minutes neither. A seismic earthquake or nuclear bomb when off underground a second before the 1st building Tower One came down, it was recorded at Columbia University not far away. When Tower2 went down another spike hit the Richter scale right before tower 2 went down. Building 7 came down due to a small fire in one room? Did you know about a billion dollars in gold & silver bars went missing on 9/11?

Now to rock your boat even further. I would like to ask GW, "Hey GW I thought you were Pro Life? Against killing the babies? WAR is NOT Pro-life. WAR =DEATH of God's people. What the hell are you doing attending an evil ceremony called the "Cremation of Care" where a baby is burned on an alter before a 40' Stone Owl?" A ritual that has lasted 127 years! In a secret forest in Northern California called Bohemian Grove. "The Most Faggy Goddamned Thing You Could Ever Imagine." said Richard Millhouse Nixon on his White house Tapes. All the so called Elite of this world meet there every summer starting on July 15th. They stay for 2 weeks, no women can attend, except for hired woman servants and hired hookers. There is a waiting list for men wanting to become men, besides I could land the largest account in my life time if I go and met Mr. So-in-so. Alex Jones snuck in with a video camera and filmed the whole entire evil ceremony, go view for yourself. Here is a list of people who were seen there, they have their photos in the brochure that they hand out, or had there photo taken at the Sonoma Airport. Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell, Rove, GW Bush, and Sr. Bush, Greenspan and many others. What are they doing in there? ? What's going on in there? Why did this half to turn out all so weird ?

You may think I'm a leftist or too far right, being a Jesus freak myself. I hate politics, I don't go there, I just try to enjoy my own life. But things are getting out of hand and now I must stand and talk and write. Vote fraud lives. Don't be deceived. Ask God for guidance and wisdom, ask Him for the real truth, if you give him time He will tell you everything, in His time.

Remember in Revelations 1-2, Jesus is standing amongst 7 candlesticks, the 7 candlesticks represents his seven churches and when he comes again. Only 2 of the churches of 7 are doing any good. Actually most of us are doing a lousy job of staying on the path of the Real Jesus of Nazareth.

Read below about the seven churches below.

Seven churches :

1) Ephesus • lost 1st love, needs to repent.
2) Smyrna • the suffering church, real maryters of faith.
3) Pergamos • they believe but need to repent
4) Thyatira • upset with this fornacation church
5) Sardis • dead church, will not know the hour.
6) Philadelphia • this church is doing right.
7) Laodicea • lukewarm church, spit out.

Sorry for publishing this information, but I hope it will guide you in the right direction.

Seek FREE energy and you shall find it.

Bucko Bonzai and "All Along the WatchTower" 11/ 23/05



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