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"Hydrogen Garage LLC" is an off shoot of
An online store where you can buy hard to get parts to make a Hydrogen
Cell and Hydrogen Boosters. Not rocket science, if your mechanicaly inclined
you can do it. Safety is no accident. (805) 900-5295

Bucko at Maverick's.

Bucko rides any size waves, he has balls as big as coconuts
and smart as a whip. He types & talks real fast too! He always walks around
saying, "Go for it!" Right On" and "Go for it" again and again.

Bucko started an HHO Booster online store that he calls
"Hydrogen Garage". It will be up about April, 2007
If all goes well, so far, so good. We will let you know when it
is up & running. Have a great day!
Still alive 11/2014, 7 years later

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