Results of a "12 volt Steaming Bethmoth Cell" below.

Also a new design stops the corrusion and heat of 12 volts down to 2 volts.
Higher Voltage creates heat, 2 volts does not. Our new parts kit is here!
12 volts will cook the iron in the anode electrodes and turn it into red sludge.
So how do you turn 12v to 2 volts? You just add many neutral plates inbetween
the anode and the cathode. The current has to jump from one plate to another,
to another till it gets to it's pull. This jump acts like a resistor, without losing any
energy or a voltage absorber.

Hydrogen Garage Online Parts Store now open! (4-2-07) 6/2013

Hydrogen Garage Online Parts Store

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I can get these #304 SS perforated plates, 16 gauge.
5 plates for a cell at $4.00each. 5 to & plates,
1/4" apart inside a 4" or 4-1/2" SS pipe or PVC tube
or a clear water filter housing at $20 each. I have been finding out you only need 3 plates, instead of 5. Space them 1/2" apart. I have ben finding out with 3 plates you draw about 20 amps, as the water heats up, so does the amps, at 30 amps the fuse will blow.

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3 1/2"x 5"approx. 304 SS perforated plates. I soon will have them for sale. See below.

I drill 1/2" holes on one side and the other side gets a threaded 1/4" hole, using a 7/32" drill bit and a 1/4" threading dye. The positive plates touch only the positive rod and every other positive plate. The same goes for the negative side. I insulate the rod with 1/2" rubber hose.
I used blue airline hose that I found in the trash. 1/4" I.D. and 1/2" O.D. Cut into 1/2" pieces as spacer/insulators.

4" clear water filter housing (12" tall)
Thick plastic, good to show people the Egas cell you made
yourself. You are not waiting for the EPA, your doing it yourself and helping the environment. Hydroboosters clean
up carbon deposits in your engine and cleaner exhaust.

All you have to get is the SS 1/4" threaded rod from a local industrial hardware store or Steel outlet. Also SS 1/4" nuts
and SS washers , rubber grommets or rubber hose. Everything has to be able to stand boiling temperatures.
230 degrees f. You can pay easily through Paypal.

A hydro-booster parts store, if your interested in getting parts for a one stop good deal parts store, just click here.

I can get these #304 SS perforated plates, 16 gauge.
5 plates for a cell at $2.00 each. 5 plates,
1/4" apart inside a 4" or 4-1/2" SS pipe or PVC tube
or a clear water filter housing at $25 each.

13 plate cell kit from Hydrogen Garage

What your work bench will turn into.

See photos of this unit installed under the hood.

Water as Fuel

Kevin from Water as just posted a
simple circuit he claims that will produce
100x's the egas from just 300milli-amps.
that was on 9/25/06. Download the schematic
and try making one. Only about $40 to
make. He plans on selling completed circuits.

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13 plate cell kit from Hydrogen Garage

5 - 304 Stainless Steel, perforated plates.
Approx. 3" x 5" tall. They go "-"+"-"+"-"
Threaded onto 1/4" SS threaded rod. Make
sure to insulate well. Use rubber hose for
spacers/grommets. The plates have to
be spaced 1/4" apart or more. Otherwise
you will draw to much current. Up to 50 amps
that will produce more egas but blow fuses.
Unless you go heavy duty and take out your
air conditioner pump and replace with an-
other alternator and hook it up directly. You
then get up to 120 amps!

13 plate cell kit from Hydrogen Garage

This 7 plate unit drew too much amperage and that was with no or little electrolyte. It takes awhile for the hydrogen to absorb into the plates. After the plates have been all absorbed by the hydrogen, it starts to bubble off the
H and O rather plentiful. Now we make 9 and 11 plates arrangements.
(+ n n n - n n n + ) = 9 plate cell
(+ n n n n - n n n n + ) = 11 plate cell
(+ n n n n n - n n n n n + ) = 13 plate cell
n = neutral, isolated from the - or + plates


Making combustible Oxy/Hydrogen gas from water is a real explosive gas and should be treated with respect and can be a dangerous activity. Even as gasoline is a highly flammable, it has caused bad accidents. Since you cannot go buy a manufactured hydrogen Booster at it is at the home shop level, as a Do It YOURSELF project. If you plan to make a hydrogen booster from these ideas I'm sharing and giving away, you do so at your own risk and your own responsibility. Please be safe. The main rule is no spark outside of the water in your cell, don't touch your wire connections as the unit is running, it may cause a spark and a leaking egas hose will ignite! Your output hose cannot leak! Just like your fuel line cannot be leaking all over a hot exhaust manifold. Also hook a switch up under the dash so you can turn it off while the car is not running. I have mine hooked up to the ignition wiring, so it is only ON, when the ignition is ON. Remember safety is no accident. You know best when you are ready.

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