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Endurance • Performance • Longevity

Why support & buy bottled water companies (most owned by Oil Corp.s or Corporate America that could care less about your heatlh) when you can have a micor clustered, structured water machine at home? Fill up your own water bottle, one for the entire family, and live in health and feel great!



• Hydrates your cells better than bottled water
• Absorbs 10 times faster than regular water
• Increases stamina & endurance
• Gives you more energy
• Helps offset buildup of lactic acid
• Is filled with powerful antioxidants
• Is 100% Natural, with zero calories
• You can make it at home instantly
• Has been in widespread use in Japan for 37 years
• Helps flush toxins out of your body
• Speeds up healing and shortens injury recovery time

Admit it, We're all looking for an Edge...

So get ready for a simple change that is GUARANTEED to increase
your endurance and performance.

Click here! : http://waterpoweredcar.com/kangen/

My trusted and very knowledgeable friend Eric Windheim helped
me discover this Japanese technology and get a better unit
than I could find on the internet and at a lower price.
He even found one for me that was "Tax Deductible".

I can't say enough good things about this special
water technology or Eric Windheim.

Wishing you wellness!
Andrew Batty, owner Hydrogen Garage LLC. &
Eric Windheim Cellular Hydration Specialist

916-395-7336 e.windheim@comcast.net

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